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harry lasher @harrylash
Mostly photos of my dog.
  Joined October 2009
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harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Dec 5 Happy birthday to the most charming, luminous, talented, beautiful, clever woman in the world: my dear grandmother, Eleanor Aldridge. The world is not worthy of you.

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Dec 4 And, after accidentally confirming it, I now have permission to say that my lovely sister Emma and brother-in-law Adam welcomed my perfect niece, Imogene, in October. Mum and baby are healthy and radiant xx                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Dec 4 The Wilkes Lasher grandchildren, great-grandchild, and animals descend upon the Cotswolds to celebrate our most glorious matriarch. instagram.com/p/Mb94gqPH1md/

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Dec 3 Cath may actually kill me during our second transatlantic flight in a week. At least I'll die doing what I love: watching Degrassi.                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Dec 1 Mum's asked me to stop tweeting about her and accolades after my #CuriousIncident incident a few years ago, so I'll just casually mention that the @NationalTheatre's production of Angels in America received seven nods (including best director) at the @WhatsOnStage awards.                        
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A24 @A24 ∙ Dec 1 Finally cashing in on our Jersey cardboard box printing hook-up

Good Time @GoodTimeMov
This weekend your slice at select New York pizza spots will come in custom limited edition #GoodTime boxes. Get it while it's hot at Prince Street Pizza, Scarr's Pizza...

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 30 It's snowing in London and my sister's texting me photos of my dog playing outside in a little jumper - a circle of hell even Dante couldn't dream up.                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 28 Fantastic night at the Gothams celebrating some incredible talent and amazing films. instagram.com/p/Rjbcg7znPb/

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 28 Don't @ me accusing me of forgetting @NiallOfficial. Niall's helping in the effort by contributing his best "Unchained Melody."                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 28 Getting out the pottery wheel to fashion my own award to ease the pain of the Grammys snubbing the very deserving @Harry_Styles                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 26 Loved Lisbon and everyone at #LEFFEST17 - thank you to all those who came out. 🇵🇹 🇵🇹 instagram.com/p/cV7CGmurQGd7/

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 23 Thank you, Athens - we've had a fantastic two days here and you are literally legend x                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 23 .@elizabethalton @sebastianrohmer "No ticket."                        
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jimmy fallon @jimmyfallon ∙ Nov 23 Happy Thanksgiving. Harry Lasher is Bothered. #Thanksgiving #LateNight http://youtu.be/rGgmj3tAYf4
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GO Campaign @thegocampaign ∙ Nov 22 We are almost 75% funded towards @harrylash's goal of raising $23k for refugee girls in the US! Let's see if we can reach the goal by the end of the month! We are so grateful to Harry and his wonderful fans! #31ReasonsWhy #GOgive #GOCampaign http://bit.ly/2y0RTNr                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 22 Utterly proud of @JOSH_BENNY, Taliah, and everyone involved in @GoodTimeMovie for the recognition at the #SpiritAwards and uspeakably humbled to be included among such incredible talents.                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 22 "Stop tweeting about everyone else's nominations and mention yours or I'm hacking your Twitter and doing it myself." -Emma Lasher Hamilton, life coach                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 20 Not neon enough for me.

A24 @A24
Available everywhere on Blu-ray tomorrow: @JOSH_BENNY's GOOD TIME. Available only thru this giveaway: 10 @GoodTimeMov tees. Enter now to win - http://bit.ly/2AWxLsS
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ES Entertainment @StandardEnts ∙ Nov 20 Catherine Lasher: ‘Love scenes with Meredith Allicent were easy – men’s egos often get in the way’ https://t.co/pk7pUFfzFu                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 19 So do we, mate.

BBC Culture @BBC_Culture
"I love what I do with all my heart" – @XDolan http://bbc.in/2j1USuE #artofdirecting
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Michael Whitehall @fatherwhitehall ∙ Nov 19 I did not buy Winston a new outfit. That would have been really weird. He’s wearing old clothes of yours.

Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall
Oh dear god. @fatherwhitehall bought Winston a new outfit!!!! #TravelsWithMyWinston @NetflixUK
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 18 Just received word that my fans have raised $17,000 for @thegocampaign. You are all incredible - thank you, thank you, thank you. Donate here: bit.ly/2y0RTNr                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 18 And a note from the HL team: that is not an official use of my image. I would never promote the use of acid. Don't do drugs, kids.                        
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SAFDIE @JOSH_BENNY ∙ Nov 18 Connie on acid tabs in the UK is peak Good Time accomplishments. (From IG user @adamp.7)

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 17 'Good Time' finally opens in the UK today. This is a film that means so much to me (even if Josh watches closely for tears when I say that) and I can't wait for you all to see it.                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 17 You can find me on the cover of this week's @TimeOutLondon talking about the things I have in common with Connie (devotion to his family, adoring dogs, a dysfunctional love for Jennifer Jason Leigh, and... I hope that's it) and what's up next. timeout.com/london/news/ca…

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 15 Visiting my most proud namesake, "The Harry Lasher," which I gifted to @JOSH_BENNY and @elarapictures when @GoodTimeMov was accepted at Cannes. Very pleased to see my legacy being properly cared for.

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 14 Download "The Grip of Film." Command-F "glittery douchebags." Sigh with relief. Instruct followers to buy the book in the hope that @RichardAyoade will whisk me away for the next series of #TravelMan                        
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richard ayoade @RichardAyoade ∙ Nov 14 I'm trying to force people to buy my book The Grip of Film (available now) by creating a false impression of jovial bonhomie

redsector @redsectorB
@RichardAyoade why are you tweeting so much?
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 13 Honoured to be joining legends to support the vital work of @Dramaticneed at @CarnegieHall for #TheChildrensMonologues. See you there! bit.ly/2i4erSI                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 12 Happy birthday to my talented, hard-working father, hope it's a great one x                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 11 "Is there anyone here who speaks English? Or maybe even ancient Greek?" -@elizabethalton on set (probably)                        
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Variety @Variety ∙ Nov 11 Preview @harrylash and @1jamiebell talking about frustrating franchises and the importance of time off for 'Actors on Actors' #VarietyStudio bit.ly/2AyeVbA                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 10 Our missing is not entirely mutual. instagram.com/p/rP44RMQQJf/

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 9 "Let me not die while I am still alive."                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 6 Does anyone know if Michael Shannon's changed his number? I've sent him thirst trap selfies every day for the past month and no response.                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 3 I once followed and unfollowed @AshleyMGreene every other week for a month; it was a headline each time. #lashbackfriday                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 3 #lashbackfriday instagram.com/p/TC59DTQHYx/

harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 3 The incomparable @charliefoy's 'Lady Bird' has its limited release in the US starting today - if you haven't been lucky enough to festival hop and obsessively rewatch it as I have, you can't miss it. Truly one of the most heartfelt & best films of the year.                        
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HollywoodMusicawards @HMMA2 ∙ Nov 2 Congrats Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) on his Music in Visual Media nomination for the Feature Film category “Good Time”!                        
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 1 Yet another reason I've replaced all my mirrors with prints of @SusanSarandon.

nick grimshaw @grimmers
.@harrylash do you ever look in the mirror and feel sad that you’ll never meet anyone that comes close?
harry lasher @harrylash ∙ Nov 1 Would be impossible to be more proud of my big sister, Catherine, who is deservedly nominated today among so many talented women by @BIFA_film.