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    Harry Lasher for Deadline Magazine, December 2017
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    xavierdolann replied to your post
    it's his third nomination and he's presented several times, like you pointed out, but don't forget harry's mentions at earlier golden globes!
    you're absolutely right. i looked up richard's speech from his 1991 win for best actor in a drama, which you can find on youtube, and here's the last line: "i can't forget my... my two daughters, baby henry, and my wife, who knows all about me and still stays - blows a kiss."

    i wasn't born when it happened, but from what i can find online, that was the first time anyone in the family even sort of acknowledged rumors that richard had been unfaithful on the set of dead ringers, one of his films. he also weirdly thanked david cronenberg during his oscar speech the same year. cronenberg had directed dead ringers.

    and just for kicks, when richard won a globe in 2005 for best actor in a tv series and the whole family attended, he didn't mention any of them in his speech. i'm guessing by that point, his thanks went without saying.
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    Emma Lasher Hamilton's private insta: Even though I will always see him this way, I am so very proud of my favorite driver, @harrylash, for his Golden Globe nomination. Love you, BABY.
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    Harry appeared alongside Bryan Cranston, Kaitlin Mercier, Octavia Spencer, James Avallone, and Diane Kruger in the Hollywood Reporter's panel yesterday (December 7) in LA.

    We'll have to wait a little while for more footage but I personally can't wait to see the whole panel. After his Breaking Bad stanning, I mostly want to see how much of it involves Harry looking longingly across the table at Cranston.
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    Favorite Harry Lasher on the Twilight commentaries moments: 65 / ∞
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    “Being in a huge franchise [like Twilight] can utterly mangle your ego. It's a strange phenomenon because at the same time the crowds of people screaming your name would have you believe you're God's gift to acting, you also have studios and producers and source material all limiting the creative choices you can make... recovering from that and finding the happy-medium between them, it's taken me time to come into my own.”

        — Harry Lasher, Variety "Actors on Actors" interview with Jamie Bell
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    Music in Film: Baby Driver (2017) dir. Edgar Wright
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    I'm really happy for Calvine and Harry because their movies are both getting recognized this awards season, but each time we get an announcement that Call Me By Your Name and Good Time are up for something at the same show, all I can think about is how we're that much closer to collecting evidence of them interacting at a show or afterparty.

    I don't care if they lose every award. If we get one photo of them together, I'll be ecstatic.
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    The Kings of The Hollow Crown: Richard II, Henry Bolingbroke/IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII