henry "harry" richard charles wilkes lasher
b. 16 july 1989 (28)
raised in richmond, london
estp & type seven

(20??) The Souvenir: Part II (pre) ... Robert Pattinson's role
(20??) A Million Little Pieces (ann) ... James
(20??) The Devil All the Time (pre) ... Roy
(2018) The Souvenir: Part I (post) ... Robert Pattinson's role
(2018) The Death and Life of John F. Donovan (post) ... John F. Donovan
(2017) Good Time ... Connie Nikas
(2017) Baby Driver ... Baby
(2017) Tulip Fever ... Jan van Loos
(2016) Nocturnal Animals ... Ray Marcus
(2016) The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses ... Henry VI (miniseries, 3 episodes)
(2015) The Childhood of a Leader ... Charles / The Leader
(2015) Remainder ... Tom
(2015) Seven Days in Hell ... Charles Poole (tv movie)
(2014) Ex Machina ... Caleb
(2014) Whiplash ... Andrew Neiman
(2013) The Double ... Simon James / James Simon
(2012) Anna Karenina ... Count Vronsky
(2012) Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 ... Edward Cullen
(2011) Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 ... Edward Cullen
(2010) Twilight: Eclipse ... Edward Cullen
(2010) The Social Network ... Eduardo Saverin
(2009) Twilight: New Moon ... Edward Cullen
(2009) Nowhere Boy ... John
(2009) A Single Man ... Kenny
(2008) Twilight ... Edward Cullen
(2005) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ... Cedric Diggory
(2004) Vanity Fair ... Young Georgy

(2015) American Buffalo (London) ... Bobby
(2013) Orphans (Broadway) ... Phillip
(2007-08) War Horse (London) ... Albert

known for
• has distanced himself from his early brooding image (which largely grew out of his frustration with twilight dominating his career), becoming known for his affability, wit, self-deprecation, candor, and charm on set and in press appearances; he frequently gifts flowers, wine, and other presents for costars, crews, and interviewers
• following his admittedly lackluster performances in twilight, has focused mainly on independent films and stage work with supporting roles in some larger productions
• is considered to be one of hollywood's most eligible young bachelors, having inherited his father's reputation as a ladies' man; much ink has been spilled speculating about his love life and sexuality
• his rabid fanbase was the subject of a 2009 documentary and a 2014 play
• frequently chooses dark and/or stylized films and projects centered around music
• previously modeled for burberry, hackett, and tom ford; has been the face of dior homme since 2013

professional tidbits
• was a runway and print model before and as he began acting
• withdrew from rada after taking several terms off to accomodate his filming and theatre schedule
• was named "the most handsome man in the world" by vanity fair in 2009 and is regularly included in lists of "sexiest," "best dressed," and "most influential" young actors
• despite acclaim for his performances in nowhere boy and the social network, the intense media attention twilight brought (culminating in a hack of his phone) led him to openly speak about quitting acting after his franchise contract was completed; godfather tom stoppard persuaded him to continue so that he could appear in anna karenina
• has been used by detractors as an example of the ills of nepotism and white male privilege for how the media in general continues to adore him despite his perceived unprofessionalism (most notably, his barely masked disdain for twilight)
• always wanted to be a musician and contributed two original songs to the twilight soundtrack
• often takes pay cuts in smaller-budget projects, including whiplash, remainder, and good time, where his attachment helped secure the films' funding; it was rumored that his refusal to do so for la la land was one of the major reasons he was replaced and the part of sebastian was rewritten to be older
• tends to be effusive with his praise for friends, co-stars and people in the industry he admires; his silence about others has often been interpreted as meaningful
• serves as a "muse" for tom ford, who cast harry in both of his films
• has appeared in music videos for Oneohtrix Point Never, THE LIBERTINES, and Slow Club

personal relationships
• has an affectionate relationship with his mother, julia wilkes lasher, a theatre director, and an ambivalent relationship with his father, richard lasher, an actor; the latter stems from harry’s complicated feelings about being compared to his father and richard’s infidelities
• is the youngest of three: his eldest sister, emma lasher hamilton (37), is a producer at big talk pictures, and his middle sister, catherine lasher, is an actress (35)
• most of his family members on both sides are in creative professions: his paternal uncle, William Lasher, aunt, Alison Lasher, and cousin, Alfie Lasher, are all actors; his maternal grandfather, Henry Wilkes (d. 2001), was a theatre director, grandmother, Eleanor Aldridge, is an actress, and great-uncle, Charles Wilkes, is a fashion photographer
• writer tom stoppard, a close friend of harry's parents, is his godfather
• has had two public relationships: ballet dancer Vivienne Lawrence and twilight costar calvine cantor, although he has also been linked to Charlie Foy, Emma Watson, Laura Marling, Daisy Lowe, Caitlin Cronenberg, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Holliday Grainger, among others
• lived in london with actor matt smith following his break-up with calvine
• is close friends with Matt Smith, Holliday Grainger, the Treadaway brothers, Freddie Fox, Sam Reid, Richard Madden, Tom Sturridge, James Norton, Gemma Chan, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Jenna Coleman
• dotes on his pet whippet, olivia

notable events
• his parents' relationship has been the subject of tabloid speculation from its beginning, when richard's affair with the teenage julia - the daughter of one of his costars - led to an unexpected pregnancy and quick marriage
• was considered by more lurid british publications to be a "bandaid baby" for his parents' marriage, as he was born around a year following revelations that richard had an affair with a costar on the set of david cronenberg's dead ringers; there has been speculation that this is the reason harry has twice turned down opportunities to work with cronenberg
• was expelled from westminster school twice: first, for getting caught having sex in the library, and second, for getting into a fight with a classmate; details about both were only revealed during harry's interview with howard stern in summer 2017
• was cautioned by london police shortly after the release of twilight following a drunken altercation with a paparazzo who he perceived to be insulting his then-girlfriend; no charges were filed
• was the victim of a phone hacking in early 2010; although his attorneys were able to stop some information from leaking, photos and texts appeared online confirming that harry and calvine were dating and had moved in together
• withdrew from 2015's high-rise, which co-starred his father, citing scheduling conflicts; reports surfaced that he actually dropped out because of a fight between him and his father following the initial table read that was witnessed by the cast
refused to campaign for the 2017 awards season; after a short p.r.-demanded "apology tour," he won a golden globe and was nominated for a bafta for his role in nocturnal animals
• became a member of the academy in 2017

• is left-handed
• stands at 6'1" (often reported as 6'3")
• identifies as heterosexual; in reality he is closer to a 1-1½ on the kinsey scale
• has vocal, dance, piano, and percussion training; taught himself both right- and left-handed guitar and several other instruments
• considers himself non-religious; his mother’s family is jewish and his father’s is largely secular but connected to the church of england (his paternal great uncle served as the bishop of london and as a professor of divinity)
• ambassador for the go campaign as of 2015